[Sri Nityananda Prabhu]                 [Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu]

Seeking the Kingdom of God is the chief activity of life.
Everything else is inconsequential.

The Kingdom of God Is At Hand

Seek First the Kingdom of God

Map to the Kingdom of God

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Many days after their birth, human beings finally attain good knowledge of sense objects. As their sensory powers grow, children become increasingly aware of the world of sense objects. Tasting pleasure there, they are drawn to this world of sense objects. Thus attracted to the world of sense objects, a human being thinks of and acts for nothing else. Becoming constant companions, sound, touch, form, taste, and smell gradually turn the human mind into their slave. In this way human beings are plunged into the world of sense objects. "Death must come, and when it does, I will have no relationship with this world of sense objects." When this thought arises, a fortunate person turns from the world of sense objects and yearns to know the truth. They then ask these questions: "Who am I, the person who perceives this world? What is this world? What relation do I have with this world?"
[ ..... continued just below as an important "Perspective - Ontological Overview" which details man's continuing difficulties in answering these basic questions of life]

Perspective - Ontological Overview

  The Purpose  - The Purpose of Life

  The Mission  - Only Written Message Left by Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu

    The Essence  - The Character of the Living Force in Immortality 

Ancient Wisdom  - Ancient Vedic Wisdom     

Timeless Wisdom  - From Before Creation, Beautiful Descriptions of the Form, Qualities and Pastimes of God

"The crowd had swelled to millions"
[Caitanya, Chaitanya, Visvambhara, Nimai, Gaura, Gauranga, Gaurahari, Gauracandra, Gaurasundara, Gaurasimha, Sacinanda, Sacinandana]
"Although the kirtana continued for a whole night,
one should not think that this was just one night -
in actuality, many many millennia had passed during that time, unknown to anyone."


He is so lovable, that simply thinking of Him is overwhelming. Want Him, and only Him - then He will be yours. When attachment to this temporary world finally disappears, the Kingdom of God arrives as the world falls away entirely, and eternal life, life ever-lasting, true life becomes our most cherished legacy as pure love of God manifests. Always remember Him, and never forget Him; you will certainly fall in love with Him more and more every moment. The question is: "Do you love Him now, or do you love that car, or that person, or that ice cream, or that movie, or that ....... ?"

Introduction  - The secret even the Vedas were reluctant to reveal

Background  - Authorized Biography of Sri Krsna Caitanya by Srila Vrindavan dasa from 16th century India

Overview  -   Hymns and Audio Lectures

        Summary  - God exists. He is your friend. You have an eternal relationship with Him. That is what life is about.  

Conclusion  - Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura concisely explains essential religious truth


"Where goes their physical beauty, their decorations, and their power?
Some of them turn to ashes, and some become buried underneath the earth.
Lord Krsna is present in everybody in the form of His energy 'Dhatu', or His life.
Living entities love this, and they offer their devotion to Him."
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From Kamalapura the Lord looked in the direction of Puri
and saw the fluttering flags in the distance atop the
Jagannatha temple. His eyes were fixed on the temple spires,
as He stumbled on. Take careful note of this verse -
"Just see, the cowherd boy, Krsna is shyly smiling from the top
of the temple seeing Me, thus increasing the extraordinary
beauty of His face."
Such is the transcendental nature of the
Supreme Lord's pastime that He kept repeating this verse, and
at the same time He stumbled and fell swooning with each step.
The Lord moved forward offering full obeisances on the ground.
Thus instead of walking He fell like a stick to the ground,
and stood up each time at distances measuring the length of
His body. He stood up, looked up at the temple spires,
chanted the verse, then fell crashing to the ground.


Some scriptures have origins within time, accompanying exalted personalities who are sent from the Kingdom of God to preach religious principles according to time and circumstance to various nations from time to time. However, the timeless Vedic scriptures (described therein as the sound that emanates as God breathes) have existed long before recorded time, so vast and encompassing that it would be impossible to read the complete Vedas during one person's lifetime. The Vedas describe the religious paths followed by the ancients before the arrival of the last great degradation that severely limited human lifespans and intelligence, and which split peoples spreading them around the globe. These scriptures without any need for psychology to make the truth more approachable for a fallen mass reveal cosmologies, ontologies, and philosophies which agree with and lend credence to our modern scientific observations (and in some part our 'established' scientific theories).

Time and Space

Archeology - Biology

Religion and Science

He repented, "I am the most sinful wretch alive. I could not
recognize that Lord Caitanya was the Supreme Lord. Of course,
how much intelligence does a human need to possess to understand
the infinite truth on their own? Therefore my Lord, please
be gracious to me, forgive me for my offensive behavior. Accept me,
a lowly person, as Your servant and bless me."

[Lord Baladeva, Sri Subhadra, Lord Jagannatha]

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